There is empty meshes in blender this as many peoples know does not do nothing but are usefully.

I have an scenery like this :

The red “X” mark is start position of the player.

The orange circles are traps moving with intervals up and down through the cylinder

There is Yellow stairs

The right of the top floor is the exit

The green “E” are empties.

I know there is severe ways to do it, but what could be the best way to do it:

In blender, when i want some action happen, i used properties and in logic bricks in sensor collision with the proper property’s name i want to collide and execute an action…

for example, pseudocode like this :

if player1 touchs stair1:
player1 make animation “geting upstairs”
player1 moves up = getZ + 10

if player1 touchs exit:
load results screen

Just want to know how can i do when player touchs something, some action happen.

Some problems happen when your scenery contains all unanimated objects into one egg file, so i think result impossible to call one object
from an egg file, in such cases, using an empty in those objects could be helpfull, to create an empty, is like create a new nodepath ¿

thank you…

This pretty much works the same way in panda3d too.

Just use level.find("**/name") to find nodes you are looking for