email notification stopped

I find that the email notification of this forum is down for more than a month already. Is it my problem only ?

nope pal - I’m on the same boat. It’ve been a while I don’t get new notifications on my posted posts.

It works for me. Maybe it’s simply unlike other boards you used to, you are notified about the 1st new post only, unless you log in and visit the topic.
So, if you haven’t visited it (or have but without logging in), you won’t get multiple redundant notifications.

looks like today it started to works again as usual

Yep, I e-mailed the server maintainer after the thread appeared, and he apparently fixed it already. :slight_smile:

heh, pro_r still rulez!

Too bad, I still have not received any email notifications yet.

I guess this time is a problem on your side (I’m here replying you cos the notification alert sent me today)