eggs sharing skeletons and anim

is it possible for different egg files to share 1. same skeleton and 2. same animations?

Yes, if by “same skeleton” you mean “an identical skeleton”. If you construct them identically in Blender or whatever, then they can play each other’s animation files.


Does that also apply to the other half of the question? Can I have some files with weights share the same skeleton? As in not have bones in them, but in a separate file?

No, but each file can have an identical copy of the same skeleton, and each file can weight its vertices to its own skeleton. I don’t know what it would mean to weight vertices onto a skeleton that appears in another file; that doesn’t make sense.


I never said I know that its possible in general.

I just had a bunch of models with the same skeleton and same animations and I thought it would save a bit of space to have the skeleton in a separate file and have all the character files access it.
So i guess you cant have weights without bones. I guessed you could have vertex groups with the same name as the bone for that or something. Guess not.