EggData problem


I have a little problem with EggData.
First of all, I need to draw a square by python code.

I saw an old post where a function called “makeWedge” was the solution.
So, I tried it but it shows me an error:

So, I’ve read another post with a solution to make available “EggData”.
From the command line:

This works well (I guess). This is the output:

Anyway, python’s keep on giving the same error:

Any tips or ideas will be appreciated. =)

Tim Peters on Python zen, :

Tip: Learn about the Python language before you start coding with Python. There is a very good tutorial, and it won’t take more than one hour to work through it. Especially the chapters on error messages and tracebacks. You won’t have fun with Python if you don’t understand what Python tells you in response to your code:

Idea: It seems your code utilizes the class “EggData”. This is a class provided by the Panda3D library. To use this class you have to import it first. So put this somewhere at the start of your code:

from pandac.PandaModules import EggData

Hint: You probably have to import some other modules too, e.g. EggVertex or EggPolygon.


Yes, you’re right…
I forgot the import part. xD

Sorry and thanks!