egg2bam error

The egg2bam is not working in my system, Opensuse 12.2 x64 with panada3d 1.8.1. It looks like I am being hit by this bug:

I am trying to pack my game with the command packpanda, it has a --bam flag to force the conversion of egg files to bam but despite I am omitting it the command keeps trying to convert egg to bam, the result is that I am being hit by the previous bug when packing.

Any idea to workaround it?, can I avoid the bam conversion when packing?


Out of curiosity, is there a particular reason why you’re using the deprecated packpanda tool as opposed to pdeploy?

Because, if I have understood correctly, to use the pdeploy I need to have a p3d package previously, haven’t I?

I was unable to create the p3d using -o USB.p3d -d panda3D/
Unknown package panda3d, version "None"

Not sure if “package” is refereed to the rpm installed or the game itself. And why is unknown?

Thanks in advance.

You should not run directly. Instead, simply run “packp3d” if you installed the public SDK. If you’ve installed a development build of the SDK, you’ll need to download packp3d.p3d from and run it with “panda3d packp3d.p3d -h”. (You’ll need the Panda3D Runtime to be installed for all of this.)

I have downloaded the Panda3D SDK 1.8.1 which seems to be the latest stable. But the “packp3d” is missing. Shouldn’t it be included? or I downloaded a wrong version ?

Gonna try to download and compile the runtime to use “packp3d.p3d”.

Thanks for your help.

Which build of the SDK did you install?

I have download the source code and compiled myself.

My apologies, they should have been included in the source archives as well. You’ll have to download them manually for now.