Egg to Maya

Hi everyone,

I’ve never really used Panda3D before, but my current job requires that I convert some .egg files to their original Maya form. I’ve searched the forum for similar topics and have tried some of the suggestions in the posts I found - for instance, I added the mayaimport plugins to my Maya plugins folder. However, I’m still unable to open the .egg files in Maya - maybe because I have Maya 2013 as opposed to 2008 or lower? At any rate, advice would be greatly appreciated. I also don’t have much experience using the command line, so what I’ve read about egg2x (and other conversions) has been a little confusing…


I think the most reliable way to convert from egg to Maya is to use the command-line tool, egg2maya. This works like maya2egg, there should be one for each of several different versions of Maya, e.g. egg2maya2012.

Use “egg2maya2012 -h” to list the options available. Generally, you will type something like “egg2maya2012 -o myModel.mb myModel.egg”.

Note that animation does not make the transition out of egg, only models.