Egg syntax document

This is a minor thing :wink:

I was looking at the document from … Syntax.txt

The section about alpha says I can use:
… but most of the time I use ‘dual’ and that’s not on the list. I didn’t came up with ‘dual’ by myself, the manual says I can use it ( … d_Blending). I’m just wondering if it’s missing from the doc, or is it some old, legacy setting that I should avoid and use maybe ‘blend’?

The manual also mentions a ‘depth-offset scalar’ ( I suppose you use like any other scalar ( depth-offset {1}), but there’s not a word on it in the doc.

The last and least thing is of pure curiosity. There’s a envtype called SELECTOR, what’s it for?

Ah, you’re right, alpha mode “dual” was inadvertently omitted from the eggSyntax doc. I’ve just added it. Also the depth-offset scalar description was omitted as well; I’ve added that. It should be an integer in the range 0 through 16 or so, and polygons with higher numbers will generally appear to be on top of polygons with lower numbers.

It appears that “selector” is available as a keyword but was never implemented. We can only guess what the developer who added that keyword had in mind.