Hello, after making the ‘‘hello world’’ program, i decied to make it just whit some models i’ll make in 3Ds max 2009, the problem is, what is a egg.pz file? and if i save a model as a .max can i then use that? etc. if i make a charactaer in 3Ds max i call peter.max
in panda3D can i then add that file?

.egg.pz is compressed .egg - you can compress/uncompress them using the pzip and punzip tools. This question has been asked a lot of times - search the forums if you still don’t understand it.

As for converting from .max to .egg: … Studio_Max

Nice, thanks very much :slight_smile:

I now succesfully know how to make egg. files, but do you know some 3ds tutorials on how to make those skelet/bones so panda3d can detect it properly?

i can help you with that, i’m using max for a long time…

i can create a short tutorial if you want.


The manual page I pointed you to explains this as well. Just make sure you use the ‘physique’ or ‘skin’ modifiers to attach the armature to the model.

Assainater, it would be nice if you would make that.

Pro-soft, thanks i’ll look on link again also.