Egg models...


I’m looking for some more egg models, or some that can be easily converted to egg models and used in a game.

I’m making a space game, and I’m looking for some good 3d models, with textures and stuff.
If anyone knows where I can get low-poly models/meshes (w. textures) of starships, like from battlestar galactica or star trek, that would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been looking for a while using google, and all I find are some heavy models not usable in a game. Something that is game-ready would be cool :slight_smile:


ps. this is for a school project, copyright issues are irrelevant to me.

On TurboSquid you can download lots of 3D models. (free too!) You just have to register (free!)
In the search panel you can check if you want game-ready or not.