Egg model question

Hi, I’m really new and was wondering if there was a way to convert egg models into another file type for viewing the models? I see the egg2(whatever).exe files in the bin but they don’t seem to convert to a file-type that I know how to open.

if you just want to view the models you should use pview. a simple model-viewer which comes with your panda installation.
btw. egg2x should be quite usefull. many viewers can handle.x files quite well thought the x format doesnt support all features from the egg format so you might miss a few things.

Hi and thank you for the response.
The pview.exe seems to work well but I was actually wondering if there was a way for me to open up the .egg files in a 3D graphics program so I can get an idea of how these models are made. Am I just better off just reading lots of tutorials on making 3D models and animations?

egg’s are not different than any other file. it always depends on what artists put into it.
most egg’s contain static geometry. characters usualy have geometry,bones/joints and an animation file. there is nothing special about it. you can toggle wire-frame mode in pview by pressing “w”. there is no real need to open it in an editor. it wont look any different there.

reading about low-poly modelling or modelling for realtime-applications in general is a good idea. even better idea is to actually model stuff yourself. in the end, the geometry itself is not so important. what really matters is the quality of your textures. those either make, or break your entire model <-keep that phrase in mind :stuck_out_tongue: