Egg flle

Hi all,
Can any ine help me how to create my own egg file a small one
I saw the manual and even i opened the egg file and tried to read it
But i want to know is there any way to generate it or any free editor
please help me

Thank in advance

take an 3d-editor of your choice, create your model, export to one of panda’s supported file formats. that’s it.

exporting posisbilities can be found here.
many other modellers work,too.
wings3d might be good for you if you are a beginner.
blender3d is more complicated but ways more powerfull. both are free. there are many more.

thanks for the reply
as you said i have installed wings3d and did something
but how to export it

please help me

you can export the file in collada format and then convert it to an EGG file via dae2egg.exe