EGG file tags and descriptions question

Hi all,

My team here at Carnegie Mellon is currently trying to revamp and fix some of the bugs with the Maya exporter. After hunting around the forums for issues and bugs, I realized there are a lot of Tag descriptors in the EGG file format that are largely unknown or undocumented.

For example while looking at the latest exporter for Blender I noticed it supports instanced geometry through loading external files (using the tag). I’m assuming is a Panda EGG tag, but since we’ve only used the Maya and Max exporters I haven’t come across it during exporting.

If anyone out there would be willing to pass along any of the current tags supported by Panda’s EGG format, it would go a long way towards getting most of the popular exporters on a level footing feature wise. Also, if this lists exists somewhere in the Panda docs we’d be grateful for it’s location.

Thanks in advance

It helps to read the manual some times:

first link*che … Syntax.txt

Thanks, sorry for spam, knew I saw it somewhere a long time ago.