EGG File Format Specifications

Would you like to have an Ultimate Unwrap 3D importer/exporter for .egg files?

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  • Not Really
  • I am happy with Blender >> Egg
  • I am happy with Maya >> Egg
  • I am Happy with 3DS Max >> Egg
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Is there an .egg format specification?

I am interested in creating a file converter and it would be useful to know what the file format/loader attributes are. also the capabilities of the format would be nice.

Q about the format:

  1. Does the *.egg format support multiple UV Coordinates?

Would be useful for static lightmapping (multiple UV Sets/ Composite texturing ?)

  1. How are Animations stored? (are the transformatiosn stored in a seperate file from the geometry?)

  2. are there User-Defined fields in the format. to specify things like shader info, physics properties, etc

Ultimate Unwrap3D imports/exports a staggering amount of file formats. In Addition, It has customer importers/exporters for 3DS Max(4,5,6,7,8,9) and Maya 8. I have used it with 3DS Max, MotionBuilder with great Success. It is easy to create an asset path to suit your needs.

here is a list of formats:

note: I am in no way affiliated with Ultimate Unwrap other than as a satisfied customer. this is NOT a sales pitch!

1.jeah .egg does support multiple uv modes and you can specify the blendmodes… for lightmaps this would be “modulate”

  1. can be stored in seperate files but can be stored in one and the same file,too. it’s more common to use seperate files because 2 models with the same sceleton can share the animation data. changeing animations on one model will change the other,too. less work:)

  2. you might wanna check this page here, including the links

thomasegi =)