egg export script for maya

I got kind of fed up with getting the maya2egg, so I decided to start working
on a .mel script for Maya(it helps those with PLE and can’t convert) that will
import/export egg files.
It won’t do joints and anims yet, but I’ll work on those.



Im on the CMU panda3D team and I’ve already written a tool to do this. Its basically a mel GUI that throws shell commands to maya2egg so the artist doesn’t have to mess with a console. It only works with the latest panda release altough it can be altered to work with older releases. Im still troubleshooting it so if you want the code, PM me with your email.

It looks pretty much like this:

Hello Shaocaholica

Does this mel gui works with Maya Personal Learning Edition (PLE?)
Would sound really interresseting for low budget guy like me :frowning:

Forgive my igornance, but I though PLE put watermarks on the files you make.

I haven’t tried it out on PLE yet.

The problem with PLE is that since it doesn’t seem to provide an OpenMaya C++ API, it’s impossible to compile or run maya2egg with it.

Since you said your mel script works by invoking the command-line maya2egg, it doesn’t seem that it will work with PLE.


Well, I decided to get an actual version of Maya, It’s Maya Unlimited v6.5 and now my problem is because maya2egg6 is for 6.0, it’s not converting. I don’t want to recompile the entire Panda3D, just the maya converter, can someone either give me a precompiled 6.5 export for Windows or show me how to take the shortest time to compile?

We are working on a 6.5 version of maya2egg but if you want to build it yourself, you should post in the compilation forum.