egg export errors ("animations only" and egg-optch

I am having a couple problems exporting to egg format with egg R85. I have a rigged model with several animations. I am attempting to export only the animations using the “Animations Only” option in the export interface.

When I attempt this I get no errors and I am told it is has been exported successfully. However, there is no file that has been created. If I export without checking “animations only” then the file appears. What’s going on here?

Also, I am having problems when enabling egg-optchar when exporting an animation. When I do this, I get the following error:

:egg(error): Unable to open /c/myFiles/myScene-myAction.egg

as you can see, appends “myScene” (the name of the egg file that I am trying to export), and myAction (the name of the action i am trying to export) and is trying to open this file. When it should just be creating a file called “myScene.egg”. Why why why is it trying to OPEN a file during the export?

Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.

are you sure you disabled the option “single file”? with this activated all animations are packed into the same egg file as the model. if you export animations only, then you have one egg with all your animations inside.

the error about opening an egg file comes from egg-optchar, which is a part of panda and which is not related to chicken except that chicken runs it with the exported files as arguments, i guess.

thank you, that did the trick.

One more question though: egg-optchar deletes unused joints in an animation, but I need the ability to control all joints in my animations. Is there a way to disable deleting unused joints?

egg-optchar -h lists all available options. In particular, it lists -keepall, which keeps all joints.