Editing a .egg for <Collide> { Polyset keep descend }

Hi. I really wish they made x2egg simple but nope XD they have to sorta make it hard ^^: I want to place { Polyset keep descend } for my objects but the problem that I have is I have over 1000 objects and theres no way i’m going to copy past 1000+ { Polyset keep descend } under bla bla bla {. So I was hoping someone can help me code something up to:

  1. Read the .egg
  2. Look for the bla bla bla {
  3. Make a space/past { Polyset keep descend }
  4. Save/close

Do you want to do this for every object in your file? Then just do it once, at the top of the file. It propagates downwards.


Sorta, yea everyone of them besides 2 witch are water setups

Then move all of the objects that you want to do this to under the same , and apply the attribute to that one .


Thanks man that did the trick I think. Still sorta wish they jst did auto so we dont have to set it up really, but thats just me.