There’s a new framework for developing 3D games called Eden3D, using Panda as its back-end. There’s a topic on that in General Discussion.

The pool game is a fully-featured 3D game that will serve as a complete tutorial for Eden development. It is something like Cue Club but with a full-table view instead of the table-top view of Cue Club.

While Funtrench is working on that, please download Eden and do stuff with it too. It’s open-source and generally complements Panda.

There’s a competition for game development going on here that you can all join. All you need to do is submit your entry according to the instructions given and well…good luck.

So is pool game available for download or still under development ? Do you have a sample screen captured ?

Thank you.

Isn’t it clear enough ?

Well, my confidence on my English is not very high. Since it is post in showcase, I thought that some screen or concept will be shown.

There will be screen shots available in early June. We’re working on a lot of projects revolving around Eden so we can’t be very fast. But there are some shots of the models that our Graphics Engineer is going to avail within the week.

As promised, here’s some first impressions of Eden Pool 1.0:

This is a work in progress so be patient. The pool game will feature an AI player and 2-player gaming. Through Eden it uses physics from Panda’s ODE implementation.

looks very nice …
few pool games looks so cool like yours…

congrats!, waiting for a download :smiley: