Some of you already have the Alpha version of Eden Maze. But next week we’ll have the ‘almost’ final release of Eden Maze 1.0 - There’s Always A Way Out.

Here are some screenshots of the game which is actually complete and adds a lot of new stuff to the game you’ve seen.

There are gorillas, wizards (both bad and good) and giant mazes that will take you real skill to get out of. This one you have to download.

Looks good! Looks like I’ll be going to give eden a try again.

Looks fun! I’ll wait for the download. :smiley:

By the way, anyone who has actually run any of the Eden samples or Eden Maze? We need your feedback - only way we can know what’s wrong or what’s right or what needs fixing. :smiley:

Look out for Eden Pool also, it’s a bigger game but it’ll be done. And the TrenchCube browser plugin is almost out

Hey just wondering what the status of this is? I’d like to check it out :slight_smile:

You can get Eden Maze 1.0 at the repository on SourceForge. Links are also available on the General Discussion Forum under PROJECT EDEN. The latest version of Eden is available here too.