eclipse, pydev and panda3d question...

I am a fan of using eclipse for my python development and I have searched through the forums for a solution to the ‘undefined variable’ and ‘unresolved import’ errors eclipse flags but didn’t ever find a solution that worked for me. The ‘hello world’ programs compile and run for me just fine. What wasn’t very clear to me was if this was just a tolerated issue that everybody using eclipse has or if I am just one those special people that has this problem. So, my question is, does anybody use eclipse and pydev for writing panda3d code that does not get the ‘undefined variable’ and ‘unresolved import’ errors or is it just something everybody lives with?

I also read that panda3d 1.7 has ‘New, cleaner import conventions, replacing PandaModules’ and ‘Windows build now compiled for Python 2.6’. Would either of these make a difference?


I am using windows xp with latest updates, java 1.6, eclipse 3.5 and panda3d 1.6.2

im using eclipse together with pydev for writing pandacode without problems or errors, are you on windows?

Yes, I’m using windows xp and the eclipse ide for java developers, the one that is 92mb to download. With the latest pydev.

Had the same problems on windows with 1.6.2, could not help on 1.7.0 because although I am using it, I only use either pype or Geany as editors these days.

Hmm, so for people that use eclipse on windows and do not get the errors, which eclipse package did you install?

im using the “ganymed” edition, have u defined the compiler correctly (under window:preferences:pydev:interpreterpython), thats the only thing whe had to do to get it all working…
Im also running windows xp, but its also working under windows 7 without problems (on my girlfriends machine).

greetingz and good luck!

Interesting. Yes, I defined the compiler to panda3d’s python.exe. I will try this on my windows 7 laptop. Which distribution of eclipse are people using? Classic Edition? Java SE? PHP? C/C++?


Well, I get the same problem in windows 7, I installed the latest version of eclipse jave se edition. Added pydev and set the interpreter to the panda3D python.exe. The program compiles and runs just fine but I get a bunch of ‘unresolved imports’ and ‘undefined variables’ in eclipse. I added the pandac and direct folders to my libraries but no difference.


I read this post from the general topics thread and that has fixed most of the errors. Hopefully, I won’t have to keep adding to that list as I use more of the engine. Thanks for the help everybody.