Easy question about polygons?


I am new to Panda3D and am kind of liking it. I have made a 3D graphing program that reads data points, scales them, sets up axes, etc. There is one more piece that I would like to add to the program, but am having very little luck with. That is creating a surface out of the points on the graph, along the x axis.

I’ve looked into creating egg files… this seems quite impractical for data that can change from use to use.

I’ve looked at the draw.Draw() class, and have had luck drawing lines to come close to, and give an outline of what I want, but still no surface.

Is there some way to just draw a filled in polygon with 3 or 4 x,y,z coordinate points? With that I can at least write an algorithm to do it again and again until the surface is complete…

The manual has a whole chapter on the creation of low-level geometry such as polygons.


Thanks, guess I got so caught up in egg and obj file creation that I missed the obvious.