Easy,Fast Database Server


what database server use for panda3d…

i use python as my programming language…

my i have website for the database server

that is


how about MySQL?

Quite easy to set up if you only want local access (especially on Linux).

Install phpMyAdmin as well and you also get a very comfortable configuration tool.

can MYSQL run in Windows coz im using Windows…

kindly elaborate the mysql…

Runs on windows, too.

For (windows) testing purpose I suggest u get “xampp” this is a complete development environment including MySQL, PHPMyadmin and an Apache Webserver.
But you won’t need the last one.

Just download, install and everything works.

There comes a small controll panel tool where you can turn on/off the servers.

type “http://localhost/phpmyadmin” in your browser, after installation, to use PHPmyadmin.

DON’T forget, this is JUST a development environment!!

If you wan’t to run a public server I strongly recomend, reading a lot of documentation (especially about security), and also a switch to Linux.

And (especially if you’re going to use it in MOG’s) don’t forget to sanitize your database inputs. :slight_smile: