Easy error that i need help with..

def EventKeyA(self):
self.counter.lookAt(self.counter,-.1, 0, 0)

def EventKeyD(self):
    self.counter.lookAt(self.counter,.1, 0, 0) 

im trying to make my character turn…
but this doesnt make it move, it just rearrange its position to one of 4 diffrent spots with same distance from render
Quite hilarius to watch if u hold down a or d XD

So what do i do wrong?
the look at doesnt actually change for some reason, still if i press a it will go downwards the screen

ok, found that to turn theres q and e functions XD
well, another question…
how do i make this:

def EventKeyw(self):
    self.counter.setPos(self.counter, 0,-0.5,0)

so that instead of making this move upwards from the screen, make it move 1+ the lookat if u know what i meen…

another question:
whats an attribut ?
I suck at swedish too so i dont understand the swedish word of it XD

Honestly, I don’t, I’m afraid. :confused:

It reads as though you mean to ask how to have the object move in the direction in which the camera is looking, but currently have it moving upwards relative to the camera - but if so, is it not just a matter of switching which coordinate you offset? (You seem to currently be moving it along its y-axis; have you tried the z-axis?) Finally, is the object in question a child of the camera?

As to your second question, do you mean to ask what an “attribute” is? If so, I would call an attribute a part of the description of an object, or something that it has.

Perhaps it would help if you told us the context of your second question?

well, what i meen is that i want my char to move the way its facing when i press w, in this case it only moves at one dir no mather where its facing…
So how do i fix that?

move it forwards relative to itself:

yourchar.setY(yourchar, YaddaYadda)

The odd thing is that, presuming that “self.counter” is the object in question, that appears to be more or less what he’s doing… o_0

whats the yaddayadda ??? @_@

A number. How fast it should move. Negative number for backwards.