Duration of a Func

Greetings everyone!

If I have a Func animation inside a Sequence animation, what is the duration of the Func considered to be? Is it instantaneous, or “as long as it takes to complete the method called by the Func?”


A Func is considered instantaneous.

Incidentally, you can see detailed information about the timing of your sequence with:

print sequence




Excellent. And in the general case, good; one of my favorite things about Panda3d is that it abstracts all this messy timing logic away for me so that games generally run the same independent of framerate.

By the way, is there any interval constructor that does create an “it takes as long as it takes” interval? Or is the ability to statically determine the duration of an interval a requirement of the implementation? “Statically” as in “I give you an interval where all the elements are known, you can tell me with certainty how many seconds it should take.” Given Panda3d’s Toontown pedigree, I can see how the latter would be vastly more useful than the former :wink: