Dual Core CPU

I know this might sound weird, but…

I recently got an dual core CPU (Intel Duo 2.0 GB) laptop, and…

The avatar running spead also became twice faster as well…!!

(compared to my original laptop and desktop)

Does this make sense?

Don’t base running speed on framerate.

another thing to mention: I don’t think its the dual_core that increased running speed. :slight_smile: AFAIK, there is only a single panda3d process running… correct me when I am wrong, but Pyhton itself doesn’t support multi-processors(multi-threading) all that well…

Regards, Bigfoot29

That’s most likely true; I don’t think it’s possible for Panda’s runtime code to be split across two processors as it is currently designed.

Of course, the OS itself is probably load-balancing processes between the two cores. So what you’re essentially seeing is Panda3D getting a lot more processing time on one processor.

It’s amazing how fast modern computers can be when there isn’t an entire operating system in the way of your applications, eh? :wink:

Cyan’s suggestion is correct; if you’ve seen your avatar’s running rate double, that’s indicitive that your run code isn’t framerate-independent. This post has information on using the global clock to modulate your control effects to make them framerate-independent.

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