DSP Audio issue

Hello everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a quick question, so i have this code

ECHO = base.sfxManagerList[0].createDsp(base.sfxManagerList[0].DSPEcho)

As far as i can understand, this will put echo to all my sounds that are in sfxManagerList[0]… however i have something like this in other place

self.backMusic = base.loadMusic(bgMusic)

What I understand is that base.loadMusic(bgMusic) will put the music in base.musicManager, and that it will not be affected by the DSP effect, however it does affect the music… what could it be the problem, maybe something I missed somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:?
Many thanks in advance…

Edit: Hmm after this issue i decided to enable individually the dsp effect on the sounds y needed… but another issue came up… only the first sound with the dsp effect worked… the rest would not work with the echo effect… then again im not sure what i may be doing wrong :stuck_out_tongue: