Drop CamelCase in favor of snake_case in future versions of Panda3D


Your script picks up some things that don’t need changing like analyze or attach, and some that are (I think) class names like PartDef, also - most of these are not defined in the Actor class but in classes it inherits from.


Who told you? :slightly_smiling_face:

— No snake style —


Substitutions are subject to:
— There is a snake style —
Look at the bottom of the list.


I updated the web converter (it is used for debugging the algorithm, then I will appropriately rewrite on python) I added all panda3d.core aliases - 5883. Now you can test the examples from the panda folder.

I personally checked the “chessboard” and earned the code!

The only problem is the coincidence of user-defined functions with the names of the panda3d methods. In the example “asteroids” there is a function:

def setVelocity(self, obj, val):
    obj.set_python_tag("velocity", val

Which broke as the script replaced him with a panda.

self.set_velocity(self.ship, LVector3.zero())

I think this is the second stage when need an algorithm @wezu .

To be more precise, the first one, which checks functions and calls, will lead them to the style of a snake.