Driver Training

Hi People,

We are new to Panda3D and are looking for a tool that will assist with development of our next project.

We are working on a driving training application that will be needs to have good vehicle dynamics. We watched the YouTube video “Panda 3D ODE Car Demo”. The physics is working but is not at the fidelity we are looking for.

I’m wondering if anyone can comment on the capabilities of simulating vehicle dynamics with Panda3D API?



hi, welcome to panda3d

as you already said. panda has ODE integrated so you can make full use of ODE. there should be a number of commercial titles which use ODE for car-physics. the quality of the simulation is just a matter of the quality of your input parameters.

there should be a lot more ode-car samples out there, maybe some are good enough to fit your needs. porting them to panda should be rather easy. if not. writing your own one is not that hard.

For the record, as of version 1.7.0, Panda3D also provides full integration for the PhysX engine.


Thanks for the update. Do you know if anyone has attempted to use Panda networking with vehicle physics?

We have done this in the past and sync with real-time networked physics can be tricky.