Drawing the GraphicsBuffer without reading back to RAM

Hello, I want to know if it’s possible to draw the GraphicsBuffer to, say, the OpenGL context without reading back into RAM? I’ve been trying to implement Panda3D into a Qt interface, but my attempts have failed. I tried the ones posted on this forum, but they failed as well.

Edit: I realize that this might be in the wrong sub-forum, but I wasn’t sure.

I’m not sure I understand your question. When Panda renders to a GraphicsBuffer, it is rendering to the OpenGL context.

If you want to then copy it to a texture, your two choices are (a) copy it to a texture in the same OpenGL context, or (b) copy it to a texture in RAM. You decide which of these choices you want to follow when you call buffer.addRenderTexture() or window.makeTextureBuffer().

In order to put Panda3D in a Qt window, you have two further choices: (a) parent the Panda3D window directly to the Qt window, or (b) render offscreen and copy the resulting pixels into the Qt window. Of these two choices, (a) will certainly be faster, but probably won’t work on a Mac, and (b) will require copying your texture to RAM, above.