Drawing an irregular plane


I have four points I would like to draw a plane between. I have tried using CardMaker, but it can only be used for squares and rectangles. Is there any way I can generate such a plane on the fly in my script?



Sure there is. Read chapter IV-P-2 of the manual, starting here:


Though I confess to a bit of confusion as to how you intend to draw a plane without actually drawing a square or rectangle. But, yeah, it is possible to procedurally generate any sort of geometry you can devise.


I think dinges means quadrilateral or tetragon, and not plane. Without four right angles. Otherwise I don’t know too.


I found it out allready in the chapter enn0x gave me. Alltough the manual is very confusing at times. But eventualy I found it out, and even mapped a texture onto it. I made a class for it that does something like LineSegs does for lines, but it actualy makes a plane of any shape.