Draw order and GUI elements

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to Panda3D but I am running into some problems with the GUI system that is included. I have created a menu system for my game, but when I now try to draw my own mouse cursor over the top of everything I am struggling.

I have used set_bin(“fixed”, 10000) to make in be drawn after everything else, and mostly it works. However, I cannot get it to be drawn on top of text nodes and GUI elements created using PGButton/PGEntry etc. Does anyone have any ideas how to make the cursor image be drawn after absolutely everything else?

Thanks in advance.

Use the “gui-popup” bin instead of the “fixed” bin.


Thanks for the reply. I tried switching to the gui-popup bin and my cursor no longer shows up, and I also get the console error message “pgraph(warning): No bin named gui-popup; creating default bin”. Do I have to create the bin myself first?

I tried creating my own bin called gui-popup with a sort index of 60 and then added the cursor to it. This fixed the issue. Thanks!

Hm? Gui-popup should already exist. WHat version of Panda do you have?

PS. Do you guys think ‘gui-popup’ should be added to this manual page?: panda3d.org/manual/index.php/H … nder_Order
To avoid a similar question in the future?

gui-popup is defined in Confauto.prc. Perhaps that file isn’t installed on your system for some reason?