Draw On texture

I need to draw some shapes (dots/circles and splines, and maybe some text it its easy) onto a texture. I’m sure I could do it all by editing the ram image manually, but I think I remembered someone was working on a tool for drawing on textures (some sort of texture canvas thing). Anyone know what the status of this is/where I can get it? Otherwise, is there an easier approach than writing my own drawing tools?

If there is something, but its not in 1.7.0, what would be the implications of using it with P3Ds and the runtime? (I would have to provide a newer build of Panda correct?)


In 1.7.0, you can use PNMPainter and FreetypeFont for this purpose. Gogg was indeed working on a more-advanced replacement for this, but I’m not sure what the status on this is.


I finally got around to implementing my texture drawing, and I’m quite impressed with the performance of the PNMPainter approach. It works great! With no optimizations. Every frame I can create a new PNM image (I really should reuse one), draw splines and dots all over it and load it into a texture and still have good frame rates. Pretty cool. Sometimes I forget how much computing power is on the CPU.