Downloading P3D Run-Time Files Once

Is there a way to manual download all the run-time files needed for an installer, on to hard drive, place in a folder together and then point the pdeploy process to that folder so it can get what it needs from your hard drive instead of downloading everytime?

I’m experiencing a lot of hang up during the installer creation process and it’s random.

I’m running test installer creations with file size next to zero and the process is taking forever. Even now, I’m creating a new test installer, but it has stopped on a download an is not moving.

Would be much better to have those need downloads stored on hard drive.

You could try getting everything you may need from including the p3dembed package and storing it in a directory. Then, invoke pdeploy using something like “panda3d -M /location/to/your/downloaded/directory pdeploy.p3d -h”.

I’m not sure if that’ll work, but it could be worth trying.

An easier way could be to generate installers for each platform one by one, by specifying the particular platform explicitly to pdeploy using the -P option (see the output of “panda3d pdeploy.p3d -h”).

I guess I can try that sometime later.

The installers for my 55 mb test .p3d file just finished and it took several hours… For a 55 mb file!!
My finished App will be around 400 mb total data.

P3D is the first Engine base App I have used that doesn’t have a final run-time creator which does not require the internet. I can understand the development advantages of having run-time files downloadable for an Engine that gets updated from time to time, but if you can distribute that updated Engine version, why not give it an updated self contained non internet based installer creator as well?

In fact, using the internet to update the installer GUI into the current version…that sounds more like it, versus downloading entire run-time files.

Oh well… Just a thought anyway. :smiley: