Down time?

Pushing 5 eights of uptime eh?

Panda3d is down almost every week and last week it was down for about 5 days. Can we get servers that don’t run on whale oil?

i second that. i’d be glad to see less downtimes. ~4 days in a row downtime during holidays is quite bad. since its the time where most people have time for working with panda.
not that i’m complaining :wink: but i’d really LOVE to see things improve a bit.

Downtime was indeed pretty annoying. We even had to arrange a backup website to still provide people with the downloads and the manual on IRC.
Glad that things are up again now. :slight_smile:
It’s more often that we have downtimes - mostly once per two/three weeks or so. (which is much more than the average server.) But this time we’ve reached a new record.

By the way: Merry christmas everyone!

Yeah thanks for the manuals again! Now i have an offline copy of the data :slight_smile:

i’d say, the forums are the best resource, so i was kinda lost during the downtime…

What they said.

Made it tough to do some work on my christmas break. Luckily i found this other site that has the manual: … age.1.html

Wow, that copy of the manual is ancient. Better grab this newer version, if you want an offline copy:

what are these chm files? i already saw them on geeknexus’ backup site (the one mentioned on irc)

those are like windows-help-files. you can open them under linux using either wine or some chm reader.

thx thomas.
already thought about something windowsish…

wine? There are tons of good chm readers for linux. I use xchm, works perfectly.