Dont activate Hotkey when using directEntry


I have an Hotkey on S . It will Show a DirectFrame or hide it.

And somewhere else I have a DirectEntry. When I type “test” in the directEntry the DirectFrame will hide, because there is a S in test.
Is there a way to fix that?

Try passing suppressKeys = 1 to the DirectEntry constructor.


Thank you. That works, but I cant unfocus the lineEdit. When I now press s the LineEdit will always add a S. There is now possibility to unfocus the lineEdit, so that the hotkey will work.

Listen for the ‘mouse1’ event and when it is received, set entry[‘focus’] = 0, to unfocus the entry.


Is there any cool way to “listen for the mouse1 event” ?

base.accept(‘mouse1’, myFunc)?

Yes, but when I have to check the position of the lineEdit, There could be a buildin function for that… xD

Oh, ok.

I thought I had to set the focus = 1 when I clicked onto the label again.