Does xsi2egg exist???

Hi all,

I was wondering, is there a xsi2egg command? I looked in the manual for the process of converting a XSI file to and egg file and all I came across was this in the manual under Converting from SoftImage section

Dose this mean that I cannot use SoftImage XSI and panda?

I am unsure who “me” is and I don’t know what information is needed…As you can see I’m new to the forums and I’m not a programmer but I am familiar with the engine. So any help on this would be great.




You can always use the XSI DirectX exporter plugin and then use x2egg to convert.

Does that not work for you? I know there is a free DirectX plugin out there for XSI… I’ve seen it before.

There is code for a soft2egg converter, but it actually supports only a very, very old version of SoftImage, prior to their introduction of the XSI format. So, no, there’s no built-in way to convert XSI to egg. Steve’s suggestion is a good one.


Well it turns out that XSI exports .obj’s and the directx exporter is built in…So I guess I’ll go about things that way…It would be nice if panda’s support of XSI was updated so XSI users don’t have to save two different files of the same object, but I guess that’s the way things go. Thanks for your help guys. :slight_smile:


If you wanted to contribute an xsi2egg program, we’d be happy to accept it. :slight_smile:

But we don’t use XSI ourselves, so it would be difficult for me to write such a thing.