Does the engine support “dynamic object modelâ€

A system with a Dynamic Object Model allows the classes to change at runtime. This includes adding new classes, changing existing ones, and changing the relationships between them. The main advantage for me of using dynamic object model pattern is the language independent feature which means my object model is independent from the implementation language I use. There are other advantages for using this pattern ( … Riehle.pdf).

If dynamic object model is not supported by the engine I’m thinking of another way around it through interpreted scripting. If the engine supports interpreted scripting, I’m thinking of creating the object model dynamically (i.e. create the classes and their properties) and interpreting it at run-time.

Does anybody know of other engines that would allow me to do dynamic object modelling?


It sounds like more a feature of the programming language than of the rendering engine. Python does allow a certain amount of dynamic class creation and redefinition on the fly, though I imagine it would take a bit of effort to make this practicable. Are you really designing a program that modifies itself on the fly?

It’s not at all clear to me how this feature aids language independence. It would seem just the opposite to me: it would require a strict language dependence, since it would limit you to just those languages that support this feature (and there can’t be many).

Since none of this makes much sense to me, it must be that I have vastly misunderstood what it is you are asking for.