Does Panda3D uses mulipass rendering techniques?


I’m new to Panda3D. I just found out about its existence. And I’m very glad I did, because it looks awesome.
I did read a lot of manual pages and forum posts, but I still have some questions.

It is not clear to me if Panda3D uses multipass techniques for high quality graphics. Like the ones explained here:

I could find a manual page about Multi-pass rendering. But it is about multiple camera support (I guess).
At the bottom of that page is an interesting link to “Howto on Multipass Rendering”, but the link seems broken.

If Panda3D does not do this out of the box, can I program my one special multi-pass Rendering?
If Panda3D does support this, can I influence the multi-pass rendering? Switching form forward to deferred lightning for instance?

Yeah, Panda3D supports multi-pass rendering. Currently, there is no high-level interface to control it (except for FilterManager/CommonFilters, but these only control postprocessing filters). This will change in Panda 2.0.

In the meantime, you can use graphics buffers to perform multi-pass rendering in Panda3D. It’s a tiny bit more clumsy to use, but that’s how everyone has been doing their multi-pass rendering effects.

When will this version 2.0 be available?

I have no idea. Probably years from now.