dll loader problem

i just updated from 1.5.4 to 1.6.1 and everything works fine.
but on start i het this error:
:loader: Unable to load libp3ptloader.dll: invalid acces to memory location

my code still works fine, but i just get this error.


Oh, darn it. Not FCollada again.
I’ll investigate. It’s likely that I accidentally copied a wrong thirdparty library somewhere.

No. I’ve just been very stupid.

I just forgot to pick up a certain file for the 1.6 branch. :blush:

My sincere apologies everyone.

So this error can be ignored as for once Im not causing it? :slight_smile:

In a way that makes me happy- knowing I not the problem for once.

JB SKaggs

Yes, it can be ignored. It just makes people unable to realtime-load .x, .dae, .flt, files, etc. (but the corresponding blah2egg converters still work).