displayRegions render order

I looked at this page and its a bit confusing: panda3d.org/manual/index.php … ay_Regions
I still cant get 2 display regions to be one on top of another, but have transparency for the background color.
I tried


You just set it to black. If you want transparency, you don’t want clearing, so you need to disable it (set it to False instead of True).

Its weird, I tried that, and all the possible combinations of settings because the manual page is a bit confusing, and I cant get what I want

render1 = render.attachNewNode('render1')
dr1 = base.win.makeDisplayRegion(0,1,0,1)
cam1 = render1.attachNewNode(Camera('cam1'))
cam1.node().getLens().setAspectRatio(float(dr1.getPixelWidth()) / float(dr1.getPixelHeight()))

render2 = render.attachNewNode('render2')
dr2 = base.win.makeDisplayRegion(0,1,0,1)
cam2 = render2.attachNewNode(Camera('cam2'))
cam2.node().getLens().setAspectRatio(float(dr2.getPixelWidth()) / float(dr2.getPixelHeight()))

You’ll probably want the back one to have all clears enabled, and the front one to have depth-clear enabled and colour-clear disabled.

That should make the top display region transparent, showing over the contents of the bottom one.

Oh, i get it now. In my real code I actually had a splitscreen effect with 2 display regions like this (0,0.5,0,1) and (0.5,1,0,1) and I wanted them to render over their boundaries. Well, that was stupid.