DisplayRegion appearance on resizing window

Hi all,
I position my 2d elements relative to a displayRegion, to bring about an effect like this:


Upon resizing the window however, the displayRegion’s horizontal dimensions go out of bounds:

The elements parented to aspect2d, render2d, etc. scale differently from displayRegions whenever the window size is changed and this is obviously a big problem. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to ensure that the displayRegion, as well as elements parented to aspect2d, render2d, render2dp scale the same way, whenever the window size is changed?

[One way about this, is to use render to texture and use the texture on an aspect2d/render2d/render2dp element, in place of a displayRegion, I think, but before I experiment with this, does anyone have any other ideas?]

Thanks in advance.

So, using the render-to-texture method works and it seems like it could be a great way to replace displayRegions, since parenting the texture gotten from a graphicsBuffer object to a render2d/aspect2d/render2dp element doesn’t bring about issues whenever the window is resized. It’s also far easier to position, scale and rotate:


I’m still curious as to whether there would be another way of going about this, if anyone has any ideas.