Displaying frame rate in c++

i managed 2 make ode return at a constant rate but the run speed seems different on different coms. so other then setting show-frame-rate-meter 1, wat else must be done 2 display the frame rate in c++. is there any other way 2 limit the fps in c++ coz adding

clock-mode limited 
clock-frame-rate 20 

in the Config.prc doesnt seem 2 work.

nvrmind, used fraps 2 display the frame rate only 2 discover the programme runs at a whopping 15 fps.

also found out how 2 use pstat in c++,
1)enable it in Config.prc -> change want-pstats #f to want-pstats 1
2)include pstatClient.h
3)call PStatClient::connect() within program loop, make sure its only called once else the screen will check spamming.

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