Display scores(points)

Hey friends i want to display points that each player earned during the game play. Is there is any specific command or some thing like that to display changing elements like scores on the screen?

Yes, I’d use OnscreenText.

OnscreenText and DirectLabel

Can do exactly that.
create an OnscreenText and then during runtime you can say:

myOnscreenText['text'] = 'Score: 60'

you get the idea… change the dictionary value whenever you update score.

It’s all documented on the OnscreenText page, too.
(P.S. DirectLabel could use more documentation, it’s really identical to OnscreenText though except it works with DirectGui better)

Hope this helps,

Thanksss guyzz… :smiley: i done it using OnscreenText… :slight_smile: PANDA3D is so cool… :wink: