Display Region Distortion

For my new project, I’ve decided to use two display regions. One, on the left, is a 3D view. The second, on the right, will be menus. The reason I’m not just superimposing menus on top of the 3D view is because I want the 3D view to be centered in it’s visible area. What I mean is, if I tell the camera to .lookAt(NodePath), then NodePath should be centered in the visible display (not including the area covered by menus), not centered in the window as a whole.

I’ve got the two display regions set up, the 3d view takes up the left 66% of the window and reaches from top to bottom, the menu display region is on the other 34% of the window to the right. My problem is that the 3d view looks distorted, specifically it appears to be squished horizontally, as if I had just scaled the full window to 66% of it’s normal width.

How do I undo this distortion? I’ve fiddled around with the camera’s FOV, but I can’t find a mathematical solution to correct for the distortion. If I just guess at numbers to use, I can narrow it down to something close, but I’d like to get a precise solution. And, for all I know, the camera FOV may not be the thing I need to change. Any ideas?

The FOV has two components: horizontal and vertical. The ratio between them has to match up with the aspect ratio of the window if you want things not to look squashed.

Of course. I should have thought of that. Thanks for the quick reply. All is well now.