display problems

i created a model in 3ds max, exported it, and loaded it.
but in panda intersections between objects are very strange

this is the model in max

this is the model in panda

i have absolutely no idea where this comes from.


If it is:

GPU problem:

try flattenStrong()

Converting problem:

try reconvert on more time probably with other options

Modelling program problem:

try it’s own optimizing&polygon/reds reparing tools

Panda’s problem:

no idea how to fix, possibly problem with the vertices, did you try pview?

btw nice model, does it have any textures?

sorry, i searched the api reference, but couldn’t find how to use flattenStrong()

my GPU is a intel onboard grahics cart


use render.flattenStrong()

but now I thinked one more time: I think this won’t work. Simply, this is not the problem I thought it is.

as you said, it didn’t work.
this is my egg, so you can see if it is my egg or not:

Hmm, I can’t reproduce the problem. This is how it looks like in pview, for me:

then try the latest drivers, even if they’re beta.

while working on a project i have experienced the same problem on integrated graphic cards.

iirc the problem was that those card dont manage large near/far clipping planes well. they have a limited depth buffer and the visual errors are because of z-fighting.



(you cant define that in pview…)

to bad, it still isn’t working. if it is my code, here it is:

from pandac.PandaModules import *
import sys
loadPrcFileData("", " fullscreen 1")

import direct.directbase.DirectStart

test = loader.loadModel("models/rdss")


plight = PointLight('plight')
plight.setColor(VBase4(0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 1))
plnp = render.attachNewNode(plight)
plnp.setPos(5000, 0, 5000)



base.accept("escape", sys.exit)



oh, and a bumb note:
if i try to view it with pview, pview crashes on startup.
well, anything i want to view with pview crashes on startup.


Any non-.egg file with pview crashes in 1.6.1, that is a bug. But .egg and .bam should load fine. If that’s not true, there’s another bug there.
Try Panda 1.6.2.

upgraded to 1.6.2 2 minutes ago.
pview works fine here.

here’s a screenshot:
JustFreeSpace.Com/pics3/9617 … 0wrong.jpg

as you can see, the ship is still not good.

note, links are not working because of the space



That’s weird indeed. It must be your graphics card.

Maybe you can try and weld some vertices together in your modeling program (if you have double vertices or so?)

mm, i tought, it are actually some modified boxes and sphere that go into eachother.

as example: if i make a model of 2 sphere into eachother, they will look bad (as my model), but if i model them, that at the connections between the 2 spheres it ends (what you can’t see doesn’t excist) it will look good.

so that’s basicly what i’m trying to do, the model looks better, when i’m done i’ll show.


did you try to switch between opengl/dx9/dx8/tinygl and see if there are any differences? to me it really does look like your GPU is forced into some really weired configuration (by whatever). it sorta looks like depth-sorting works with 8bit depth or (like already mentioned) clipping planes are ways off.

i doubt its the gpu itself since integrated intel chips should run just fine. maybe your OS does weired things in combination with the driver and pipeline. switch between the gl/dx modes and see if one works better (tinygl should work in any case but that would bypass the gpu but you can use it as reference)

Post this on another forum please. There are much experienced users over the internet that might help you.

For example:

MentalDisaster, please stop giving bad and confusing advices to people. Not in this thread in particular, but in general.

thanks i swiched to pandax8 and i no longer have the problem.

tough i have one other question, if i move the model, it disapears after some time, any way to prevent this?



That’s probably the near and far clip you’re running into. Increase the far clip.

thanks again!!!
now i can go and find my next problem (just joking)