Display Image on screen


I want to display an image on the screen (for example an image of the current weapon), but how?
I tried OnscreenImage, but I have no idea how that works… (undocumented function, says the API)

Solved (Again thanks to the Panda3d IRC) :wink:

I immediately wrote an article about OnscreenImage in the wiki. :slight_smile:

thx a lot pro-rsoft :wink:

Thanks pro-rsoft. I really did not need this.But your link showed me that I need to check the online version of the manual regularly. I have downloaded and printed out the pdf. And as I was looking at the link you mentioned in your post,I noticed that it was not included in my printed pdf manual. So I clicked the “top” link on that page and saw a heck of a lot more topics that are not in my printed version.