Disney Video Classes on Panda3d Website

Question: Are the Disney Files audio only? I downloaded them and when playing them with Windows Media Player, they show up as audio only.

Just wondering if I was missing out on some video info.

No, they have video. I believe they’re DivX encoded; you probably need to install the DivX (or Xvid) codec in order to see the video.

Note that we have several more videos available, which I hope to be able to post soon. These new videos will be Quicktime encoded instead, maybe a bit more standard.


Thanks for the Info!


I’ve ran into an issue with this video. After 21 minutes the sound drops for the rest of the video. I’ve tried re-downloading it, but it hasn’t made a difference. Am I just going nuts, or can someone else confirm this is happening too.


I’ve heard other people complain about this too, but haven’t observed it myself. I can hear the sound all the way through. The sound level on the first video is extremely low, is it possible it’s just too quiet to hear?

If it really is absolutely gone, it might be a codec issue–maybe a different version of the codec would play it properly. Or, you can just wait until we have the new QuickTime version uploaded in its place.


Is there a timeframe on the Quicktime versions? (Next week, Next month, Next year?) just wondering.

The codec I installed was the latest version of DivX.

Dunno. It’s up to the new IT guy at CMU. I don’t think it should be more than weeks.

You could try the Xvid codec instead–that’s the one I have installed. If that doesn’t work, I don’t really know what the problem is.


CMU? I thought they were Disney Imagineer videos? confusing. but their videos so who cares! lol :slight_smile: it is Imagineering right? or is it another name for Disney’s graphical department.

Carnegie Mellon University works together with Disney Imagineering on Panda3d. My understanding is that Disney actually developed the Panda3d product initially, but then moved it to a collaboration project with CMU and opened it up for use by others. (And as a teaching aide for schools.)

But I’m sure there are more people out there with more details on the exact what-happened-when timeline than I.

Disney originally developed Panda. Now Carnegie Mellon and Disney work together to continue its development. Carnegie Mellon maintains the website and community support.


so disney made the movies

Yes. The videos are mainly of me standing in front of a whiteboard. Not real Oscar material.


sounds like we have new talented actor :slight_smile: