disappointing C++ tutorials

i have to make a 3d game in only C++,and must say the tutorials even in the C++ section have 25% of its coding contents in python which doesn’t help at all.

In addition to that, all the samples are in python and i really understand any programming features through samples.

Hardcore topics such as ‘collisions detection and AI’ have only py examples given.

That doesn’t encourage us C++ average programmers…

If you are thinking any the concept matters well let me tell you with a language like C++ better not try doing “trial and error programming” and thats exactly what i have been doing wiz the py examples given .

Any useful tut for Panda3D via C++ elsewhere or any C++ games resources.All links will be appreciated.

If I remember correctly Panda3d is an engine designed more for python then C++. I dont use C++ for panda but maybe you can browse through the C++ forums to see if there are any tutorials there.

sorry I cant be of more help.

We’re still waiting for a volunteer or volunteers to update the manual and tutorials for C++ programmers. Would you like to be that welcome individual?


would be glad to contribute once i’ve mastered the language…in abt 5 yrs…