Disappearing Groups from Maya to Panda

A minor question, but I just want to know, why is it that sometimes my groups will suddenly “disappear” when I load it in Panda?

As in, the groups will exist in the egg file, but when loaded, and I run the .ls() function, the group is gone, and all the children are in its parent group…

For instance.


will look like

PandaNode Props
ModelNode locator_Starting

under the ls function, and I can’t grab the GroupMarkers either via find…

The egg loader is free to remove nodes that don’t appear to contribute meaningfully to the model. This is a performance optimization. If you need certain nodes to remain so you can access them at runtime, tag them with the “model” flag.


Also if you load your models within the Actor interface, you might want to consider giving it a conventionally loaded model as argument, since the loader from Actor.loadModel() extracts only skeletons (rigged models).

Here’s a small example snippet:

model = loader.loadModel("foo/bar/model")  # contains an actor and a few empties
actor = Actor(model)
empties = model.findAllMatches("**/pattern*")
if not empties.isEmpty():