Disabling interrogate in MSVC

So I did figure out how to disable interrogate in building with a batch file. However that doesn’t seem to show me any build errors. I’m specifically trying to build in MSVC without interrogate because I think interrogate is hiding a linker error somehow, and I need to see what it is. I’m good with c and c++, but I’m still no expert on the ide obviously. Can anyone help me out?

Do you mean you want to compile Panda3D without Python bindings? I’m not quite understanding what you’re trying to compile here.

Yes that’s what I mean sorry. The only information I found I could only figure out how to use by directly invoking the batch file with arguments to build it. I’m guessing there’s a way to do this directly in msvc.

Are you talking about building Panda itself, or just your own application? Panda isn’t meant to be built from the IDE; the easiest way to build Panda is with the makepanda script, and as you say, you can specify with arguments precisely what features you want to include or exclude, including Python (and therefore interrogate).

I suppose it would be possible to make all of this build within the MSVC IDE, but it would be hard, and doesn’t seem valuable. Unless you cheated by making a project that only invoked the makepanda script, but what would be the point of that?


Oh I see. I was talking about building panda itself. I have been building it from msvc express 2008 using the project files in the cvs. I suppose that it is just configured to invoke the makepanda script anyways.

I am still working on the ai library and interrogate is having parse errors where there shouldn’t be any. I suspect this is because there is a actually a linker error somewhere and that’s causing interrogate to fail. I was hoping that in disabling interrogate I could coax msvc into actually telling me the linker error, because right now I have nothing to go off of. Or at the very least if I disable interrogate and can build successfully I’ll know there are no underlying linker or compiler errors to worry about.

You can simply add the --no-python flag to the makepanda command-line.

I see it. Its project properties -> configuration properties -> NMake -> Build Command Line. I can add the --no-python flag there. Thanks David.

Ok even with that arguement in the command line I get this error.

I thought interrogate was only used for the python bindings. Why is it still building the interrogate database?

Are you sure you placed --no-python after the --everything flag, and not before?

Hah. Thanks again. :unamused: