disabling compound keys event handling

I would like panda to send an event regardless of the modifiers pressed, so that I dont have to catch ctrl+r, shift+r, r, etc separately.

This is done like this in Python, apparently:


The first line is straightforward to translate in c++, but that alone won’t do the trick.
The second line seems to have no direct translation, I have checked panda’s source and a buttonThrower is created dynamically inside WindowFramework somewhere, but there’s no instance of buttonThrowers stored anywhere, or I am missing something.

If there’s no way to do it, it’s not a big deal actually, I just have to bind shift, control, alt and meta for every key, right? If it gets messy I can just do a wrapper…

It’s true it doesn’t save the ButtonThrower pointer explicitly, and it would be cleaner if it did; but it should be the only child of your mouse object, so you should be able to get its pointer back with something like:

ButtonThrower *bt = DCAST(ButtonThrower, window->get_mouse().get_child(0).node());